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Artspec painting studio
Artspec is a not-for-profit art institution, started in Aug 2007 with strong commitment to uplift and cultivate an appreciation of art in our community. Artspec aims to provide art resources, lectures and other educational programs relating to arts for emerging artists and art students.

Artspec also runs art classes for adults, teens and children with standard art courses. Our art courses seek to engage, encourage and to explore the creativity and skills as a key element to promote the development of young and budding artists.

Artspec plans to pay its rent and organize programs from its art classes and through the donations of loyal patrons. For more information on making donation to artspec, please refer to support us page of our website or contact artspec directly at 977-9841383986
Art Classes at Artspec
Artspec's Arts Education Program features a variety of day and evening art classes for adults and children that are accessible to the general public. Artspec’s actual studio creates an environment where students can expand the imagination and test their creativity.Please refer to the Artclass section of our website to explore the complete course descriptions... There's must be something for someone you know...or, for YOU!